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Position Openings

Faculty Positions
  1. 9/25/2020 - Faculty position in Feinberg School of Medicine and Center for Synthetic Biology. 
    The Center for Synthetic Biology and Department of Cell & Developmental Biology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine invites applications for a full-time tenure track Investigator at the rank of Assistant Professor. Responsibilities include establish an extramurally funded basic or translational research program that applies synthetic biological approaches. Ideal candidates should also demonstrate strong communication and leadership skills, and actively contribute to the rapidly growing Center for Synthetic Biology. Formally launched in 2016, the Center for Synthetic Biology represents a university-wide initiative to formalize and grow synthetic biology as a research theme.
Postdoctoral Positions
  1. 9/25/2020 - Postdoctoral scholar in protein engineering.
    The Mrksich group at Northwestern University is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to join our efforts in building protein-based molecules using the MegaMolecule approach developed in the Mrksich group laboratory.
  2. 7/29/2020 - Postdoctoral scholar in high-throughput protein biophysics, machine learning, and design. 
    The Rocklin group at Northwestern is looking for multiple postdoctoral researchers for several experimental and computational projects. The specific project will be worked out according to the interests of the fellow and PI. Applicants from diverse areas of science are encouraged, including chemistry, physics, biology, and biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science. Particularly areas of interest include hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry of proteins and machine learning/deep learning.
Research Technologist Positions
  1. 10/07/2020 - Research Technologist 1
    External Applicants Apply Here: Job ID 39442
    Internal Applicants Apply Here: Job ID 39442
    The Mrksich group is seeking a Research Technologist 1. Basic responsibilities will include the preparation of various gene constructs using current molecular cloning strategies, DNA sequencing submission and results analysis, and the transformation of bacterial strains and their maintenance. Accordingly, applicants should have experience and a strong understanding of the principles and techniques of molecular biology. These include specifically, familiarity with the elements of plasmid design and propagation in bacteria, and gene construction methods such as directional, Golden Gate, and Gibson assembly. Additional responsibilities will involve preparing bacterial cultures for protein expression, inoculation, induction, cell harvesting of expression cultures, protein isolation and purification. Qualified candidates will have experience with at least some of these procedures. Ideal candidates would also have experience preparing protein reagents for use in cell-based experiments and / or experience performing cell-based assays.
  2. 10/19/2020 - Research Technologist 1 
    External Applicants Apply Here: Job ID 39519
    Internal Applicants Apply Here: Job ID 39519
    The Mrksich group at Northwestern University is seeking a Reseasrch Technologist 1. The primary responsibilities of this position will be to operate and maintain MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers, primarily a Bruker RapifleX mass spectrometer, and to assist with analysis of mass spectrometry data. Basic responsibilities will also include operating liquid handling robotics for preparation of high throughput mass spectrometry assays, maintenance of other laboratory equipment, and management of chemicals and laboratory supplies. An ideal candidate would also have experience with microfluidic platforms and/or solid phase peptide synthesis. Additional responsibilities may include the preparation of various gene constructs using current molecular cloning strategies, protein expression, purification and characterization.
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