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A world-class graduate education in synthetic biology

We offer an immersive graduate experience rooted in interdisciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge research. Our initiatives provide an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring scholars to refine their expertise and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries in synthetic biology.

In addition to our CSB-Wide Opportunities, graduate students can take advantage of our graduate student-specific programming.

Not yet at Northwestern?

The main avenue as a graduate student to participate in synthetic biology at Northwestern is to explore the PhD and master’s degrees in more than 70 disciplines offered by The Graduate School (TGS).

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CSB's PhD Training Program

Synthesizing Biology Across Scales

SynBAS is a National Science Foundation-funded National Research Traineeship (NRT) program, focused on convergent synthetic biology training for graduate students. Students will learn the principles of living systems across scales – from molecules, to cells, to organisms, to communities. SynBAS offers direct financial support to graduate student trainees, as well as communications training, career mentoring, networking connections to academia and industry, and more.

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Graduate Certification in Synthetic Biology

The Synthetic Biology certificate curriculum emphasizes the physical and chemical principles of biological function in the context of building biological systems to understand the rules of life. A graduate certificate in synthetic biology will provide official recognition that students have received a multifaceted education in synthetic biology through Northwestern’s unique approach to synthetic biology training and prepare graduates to enter the biotechnology workforce. The Synthetic Biology minor is intended for MS students.

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