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Engaging with us offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of synthetic biology. No matter who you are, our community provides a platform to expand your knowledge, foster innovation, and shape the forefront of scientific discovery.

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State-of-the-art curriculum

We train students to break down synthetic biology technologies along the scales of phenomena that they require, allowing students to think big from the beginning.


Graduate Education

Rooted in interdisciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge research, our graduate student experience provides an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries in synthetic biology.

Graduate Education

Undergraduate Education

Our undergraduate initiatives offer a unique blend of hands-on experiences, interactive workshops, and collaborative projects that foster curiosity and critical thinking.

Undergraduate Education

CSB-Wide Opportunities

Our CSB-wide opportunities provide a collaborative environment for diverse researchers and enthusiasts to engage in interdisciplinary exploration of synthetic biology.

CSB-Wide Opportunities

Community Opportunities

By participating in our activities, K-12 students and educators can explore hands-on experiments, gain insights from experts, and foster a deeper understanding of the potential of synthetic biology.

Community Opportunities

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CSB strives to grow and support a vibrant, collaborative community working at the cutting edge of synthetic biology research, education, and entrepreneurship. New and existing Northwestern faculty can join CSB as a faculty member.

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Our research creates innovative solutions in medicine, agriculture, energy, environmental sustainability, and beyond.

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Interested in joining our community? Check out our job postings for more information.

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Becoming a philanthropic partner with our Center presents a transformative opportunity to play a pivotal role in advancing breakthrough research, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders.

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