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Having laid a strong foundation for research, innovation, and education over the past decade, Northwestern has established itself as a world-class leader in synthetic biology. Investment in synthetic biology has been substantial across academia and industry, with exponential growth in venture capital investment over the past four years. Northwestern has built one of the strongest foundation for growth. The University is also capitalizing on its location in the Midwest. The region has become a center of innovation in biomanufacturing, with Illinois ranking among the top US states in the bioscience industry.

Becoming a philanthropic partner with our Center presents a transformative opportunity to play a pivotal role in advancing breakthrough research, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders. Your philanthropic contribution enables us to accelerate the development of innovative solutions to global challenges, such as sustainable technologies, healthcare advancements, and ethical considerations in synthetic biology.

We welcome further discussions with individuals, corporations, or foundations with a deep interest in the Center’s research, education, and entrepreneurship mission in synthetic biology. We are looking for partners in three key categories to drive growth and success:

  • people, space, and innovation and impact.

Please contact Curtrice Scott, URIC Director of Development, if you would like to explore a strategic relationship with Northwestern University and the Center for Synthetic Biology or would like to learn more about our goals and how they might align with your own.

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