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Research Design and Communication Workshop Series

CSB Research Design and Communication Workshop Series

The CSB Research Design and Communication Workshop Series provides training in effectively planning and executing research projects as well as communicating scientific ideas. The series is designed for students, staff, and postdocs within the CSB.

All workshops are hybrid (in-person & Zoom) and held on Fridays 11am-12pm.

Zoom Meeting ID: 953 1070 4652

Sept. 23: An Introduction to Research in Synthetic Biology
Instructors: Julius Lucks and Ashty Karim

Identifying grand challenges in synthetic biology, research forecasting, effective ways of reading literature, and coming up with research ideas

Oct. 14: The Project Phase of Research I: Design, Build 
Instructors: Niall Mangan and Ludmilla Aristilde

Implementing hypothesis-driven experimental design

Nov. 11: The Project Phase of Research II: Test, Learn 
Instructors: Josh Leonard and Danielle Tullman-Ercek

Understanding data collection, statistical significance, data interpretation, reproducibility, using models, and reformulating hypotheses

Dec. 9: Effective Data Visualization 
Instructors: Yogesh Goyal and Ashty Karim

Constructing high-impact figures from collected data

Jan. 13: From Project to Publish: Managing the Research Process 
Instructors: Neha Kamat and Michael Jewett

Transitioning from exploratory research to framing a manuscript, curating data for publication, project management, collaboration, and authorship

Feb. 10: Sharing Knowledge: Presentations & Networking
Instructors: Gabe Rocklin and Jaehyuk Choi

Developing presentations for scientific audiences, elevator pitches for short interactions, and best practices for networking at conferences

Mar. 10: The Societal Implications of Research
Instructors: Julius Lucks and Sera Young 

Analyzing stakeholders in our research, biosecurity risks, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and synthetic biology policy

Apr. 14: The Future of Synthetic Biology Research

A panel discussion on the current state and future of synthetic biology

For questions please contact Ashty Karim:

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