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Synthesizing Biology Across Scales

The Center for Synthetic Biology's NRT Program

Synthesizing Biology Across Scales (SynBAS) is a National Research Traineeship (NRT) program, focused on convergent synthetic biology training for graduate students.

Through the NRT program components, students will learn the principles of living systems across scales - from molecules, to cells, to organisms, to communities.

The NRT program could offer direct financial support to graduate student trainees, as well as communications training, career mentoring, networking connections to academia and industry, and more.

Beyond the NRT programs' graduate student trainees, the courses, workshops, retreats and community events, created through this training grant, will be open to all in the synthetic biology community at Northwestern.

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Program Components


2021-2022 Application Cycle

The 2021-2022 NRT application is not yet live.


Please provide your contact information on this form, to be notified when applications go live.


Application Requirements:

Application Timeline:

NRT Program Leadership

NRT Faculty Members

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